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Wood-Fired Pottery Vessel by William

Wood-Fired Pottery Vessel by William

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As many of our followers know, William has been on a pottery journey for the past few months. If you follow him on his William Tries Things page (, you may read, almost weekly, about his journey. 

Each piece is handmade by William and there is only one of each available. This piece is wood-fired. That means that its final firing was in a specialized outdoor kiln that uses wood to heat the pottery to over 2300 degrees (F) over a 48-hour firing process. The pieces are then left in the kiln to cool down for nearly a week before being removed. This process lends varying colors and shades to the pieces with unpredictable flames in the kiln which dance around kissing each piece. "Glazes" that you see on some of the pieces are created by wood ash that that collects on the surface of the vessels, melts, and then hardens to form the glaze. Each piece is unique and could never be made the same twice. 

While this piece has been fired to temperatures that should vitrify the clay making it water safe, they are being sold as decorative vessels for dry goods only. 

Approximate Size of this Piece: 3.375" x 2.625"

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