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We have updated our schedule. Please note the new dates.

That's right! If you missed our Facebook Live Announcement, we are moving down the street! We'll still be in Ligonier, but we'll be on the other side of our beautiful Diamond on West Main Street—220 West Main Street to be exact! This move will happen throughout the month of April, but we will close down the store starting April 16th through April 26th. We plan to have our Grand Re-Opening on April 27th, and we hope that you'll join us!

Please update your address books with the new address, and be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and YouTube as we'll still be working on projects (like our Around the Town Series) and showing details of the move as it happens! You can also keep up to date via our Facebook Event.

New Video Tutorials on YouTube!

Here at Allegory Gallery, we love all of our supporters. But, we know that not everyone can visit us in person to make things with us. So, we've started a new project called Video Tutorials. These are available on our YouTube Channel (please don't forget to subscribe), and there are kits in our online store ( that correspond to the videos. We know it's not as good as being with us in person, but we hope you'll enjoy taking these steps with us! As you probably know, we're super excited about technology, and as time goes on, we can't wait to find new and exciting ways to connect with you all, near and far! Below are the first three tutorials in this series! Please let us know what you think.

New Podcast Episode Now Available!

Clayton Hepler—Scamps Toffee

Episode Eight
Released: March 26, 2019
In this episode, we talk with Clayton Hepler, Chief of Sweets for Scamps Toffee here in Ligonier, PA. Scamps is a local candy and sweets shop here in Ligonier, and they've just recently expanded their operations. We talk with Clayton about his part in this process, and what it's meant for the business.

Find our podcast on your favorite streaming services. More information here.

Kinga Nichols is Coming to Ligonier, PA!

We're so excited to tell you that we'll have Kinga Nichols coming from Colorado to Allegory Gallery to teach in May! We've been teasing you on Facebook for some time now, but sign-ups are now live in our online store! If you're looking for some awesome bead embroidery classes, you needn't look any further than these classes with Kinga. She teaches all over the country, and we've been trying to get her for years here at Allegory Gallery. Finally, the fates made it happen and we'll be hosting her in Ligonier from May 17th-19th. We just know you'll love these (especially the St. Guinefort class that she's debuting here at Allegory Gallery), and if you do, please sign up quickly! Walk-ins, unfortunately, cannot be accepted, so the only way to reserve a seat is to sign up on our website.

Kinga Nichols Class: St. Guinefort Necklace

St. Guinefort Necklace

Full-day workshop
Fri. May 17, 2019
11am - 5:00pm

Kinga Nichols Class: Zhuangzi

Zhuangzi's Butterfly

Full-day workshop
Sat. May 18, 2019

Kinga Nichols Class: The Name of the Rose

The Name of the Rose

Full-day workshop
Sun. May 19, 2019

Our Around the Town Series is Back!!!

Here at Allegory Gallery, we know that the rising tide raises all boats. That's been our motto from the very beginning, and that's how we try to live our lives. A few years ago, we did a series on Facebook called Around Town where we visited our favorite places, stores, and restaurants in town. We have a wonderfully supportive community not only locally, but all over the world, and we wanted to show everyone how great our little town really is! So, after some time, we've decided to bring the series back.

This latest Episode, we bring you Ligonier Outfitters here in Ligonier, PA!

We hope that you enjoy this tour through their restaurant and meeting Lisa.

Thank you for watching, and please let us know what you think!

Christi Friesen is Coming Back to Ligonier, PA!

We've been teasing you on Facebook for some time now, but sign-ups are now live for Christi Friesen's Polymer Clay Classes in Ligonier, PA! Christi is a much sought-after teacher for polymer clay, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone as fun and talented to learn from! So, without further ado, we hope you'll check out the classes below. And, remember, please sign up quickly, as these often sell out and walk-ins, unfortunately, cannot be accepted.

We should also note that Christi will have a Gallery Exhibition on Friday, April 12th that will be open to the public.

Christi Friesen Class: Polymer & Mixed Media Mosaic Assemblage Workshop

Polymer & Mixed Media Mosaic Assemblage Workshop

Sat. April 13, 2019
10am - 4:30pm

Christi Friesen Class: Jeweled Insect

Jeweled Insect Class

Half-day workshop
Sun. April 14, 2019

Christi Friesen Class: SteampunkFox

SteampunkFox Class

Half-day workshop
Sun. April 14, 2019

Do You Need a Great Gift? Pick Up an Allegory Gallery Gift Card in Store or Online!!

If you're looking for an immediate gift and can't make it to the store, you can send a gift card by email! These gift cards are good for anything in our physical store, and you can even purchase them in advance and just choose the day you'd like to have them sent! So, if you have a few moments, you can go through the next month on your calendar and set up all of your gifts at once! It's all powered by Square, so it's safe and super convenient!

Purchase yours by clicking on this link!