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New Video Series by Allegory Gallery—Small Business Basics!

In this video series, we will share with you some of the knowledge we’ve learned and acquired by running our small business and partaking in small business conferences around the country.

If there’s something specific that you have questions about, please email us at, and we’re happy to address it if possible in the series or one-on-one.

We do also offer in-person or online one-on-one consultations for a deeper and more personal look at your business. Just email us for more information.

New Video Tutorial on YouTube!

Here at Allegory Gallery, we love all of our supporters. But, we know that not everyone can visit us in person to make things with us. So, we've started a new project called Video Tutorials. These are available on our YouTube Channel (please don't forget to subscribe), and there are kits in our online store ( that correspond to the videos. We know it's not as good as being with us in person, but we hope you'll enjoy taking these steps with us! As you probably know, we're super excited about technology, and as time goes on, we can't wait to find new and exciting ways to connect with you all, near and far! Below is the latest video in this series! Please let us know what you think.

2019 Around the Town—Song of Sixpence

Here at Allegory Gallery, we know that the rising tide raises all boats. That's been our motto from the very beginning, and that's how we try to live our lives. A few years ago, we did a series on Facebook called Around Town where we visited our favorite places, stores, and restaurants in town. We have a wonderfully supportive community not only locally, but all over the world, and we wanted to show everyone how great our little town really is! So, after some time, we've decided to bring the series back.

In this episode of our Around the Town Series, we take a look at a really lovely women's clothing store here in Ligonier, Song of Sixpence! Natalie does a great job of curating colorful and fun clothing for her clients, and we think you'll just love this walk through of her clothing boutique—especially the Songlines Jewelry Collection by Jewel!

We thank you for watching this episode of our Around the Town Series, and thank you for supporting our local merchants in Ligonier, PA!

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Thank you for watching, and please let us know what you think!

New Podcast Episode Now Available!

Kelly Russell—Beadfuddled

Episode Ten
Released: June 10, 2019
In this episode, we talk with Kelly Russell of Beadfuddled and Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery. Join us as Kelly speaks openly and honestly about her life and the various challenges she’s faced. Just as she was on the brink of becoming quite famous and well-known in her field, she had to step back due to some heath and personal issues. Now, she’s regrouping and focusing on her next projects with a renewed sense of self. Tune in to find out more about her life, and how she’s working on and overcoming these difficulties.

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