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Do You Need a Great Gift? Pick Up an Allegory Gallery Gift Card Online!!

If you're looking for an immediate gift and can't make it to the store, you can send a gift card by email! These gift cards are good for anything in our physical store, and you can even purchase them in advance and just choose the day you'd like to have them sent! So, if you have a few moments, you can go through the next month on your calendar and set up all of your gifts at once! It's all powered by Square, so it's safe and super convenient!

Purchase yours by clicking on this link!

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We Will Close the Physical Store…

Hello All,

The entire state of Pennsylvania has been asked to close all non-essential businesses for, at least, the next fourteen days in an effort to combat the latest Coronavirus. We've been lucky in our part of the state to have no cases in our county, but our Governor has issued this declaration to help keep people safe and healthy. 

We agree that the health of all of our customers and friends is paramount. This will, however, cut into our revenue drastically, as we are a 50/50 business (50 percent of our revenue comes from in-store, while the other comes from online). Many small businesses in our Ligonier community and around the country will feel the impact of this, but we're personally working hard (and fast) to make plans to combat this by providing more content online to you all. 

We will be increasing our inventory in the online store during this time, and we have some ideas on how we can better deliver this information to you—necessity is the mother of invention! We will give you more information very soon (much of which will be posted on our Facebook Page here). The frequency of these emails will also increase during this time. We understand that many people are being barraged with emails during this time, but we hope that you'll enjoy the content that you get from us. 

We firmly believe we have the best friends and supporters in this business, and we know that together, we'll make it through. 

Thank you for your never-ending support!

William & Andrew
Allegory Gallery

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We're Relaunching our Design Challenge Kits with Golden Hour!

After a brief hiatus (and some pondering on whether or not to continue doing our Design Challenge Kits), we've brought them back with what we believe is one of our very best yet—Golden Hour!

If you're new to our Design Kits, the first part is to join our
AG Design Challenge Group on Facebook to see what we're all about. It's a very supportive group of like-minded makers who come together to challenge themselves using our prompts and kits. Request to join there (it's a private group), and see how you feel. Then, if you like what's happening and the vibe, jump in and purchase a kit to participate!

The reveal date for this kit is March 27th, so stay tuned to the group to see all the lovelies then that everyone makes! And, if you're making yourself, mark that date on your calendar so that you can be ready to show off your creations, too!

More details are in the product listing in our online store here. We look forward to seeing you in our group!