Collection: William Tries Things!

This collection is composed of items made by William. 

William (Co-Owner of Allegory Gallery) has his own page on Facebook called William Tries Things where he tries to encourage others (especially adults) to try new things and not be afraid to mess up. 

From William:

As adults, I think it's so important to try new things. We often get stuck in our day to day lives doing the same things. And we get very good at doing those things. So, whenever it comes time where we need to do something new, it doesn't always come easily to us. We often get frustrated and upset. We often chastise ourselves and tell ourselves that we're no good at these new things. Rarely do we give ourselves the freedom to mess up and try again. That's what I hope to do; help people (adults especially) realize that it's ok to try new things and you're not going to be good at them right away in most circumstances. But, that's ok! We should allow ourselves to have fun and to try out new things without worrying, especially at first, if we're any good. Most of the day to day things we do took weeks, months, and, sometimes, years to learn how to do efficiently—we've just been doing them so long that we forgot the process. So let's have fun together! Join me on Facebook here:

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