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Storyteller Series—#26 by Andrew Thornton

Storyteller Series—#26 by Andrew Thornton

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Storyteller Series Painting by Andrew Thornton

Material: Acrylic and Collage on Bristol Board

Approximate Size: 4" x 6" 

From Andrew:

I think a lot about space, particularly the space between. Whether it’s the space between two people, the space between an art object and the viewer, or even the space between our bodies and our minds… I think about space. Even when we are at our closest and most connected, there is a voyage between the particles. As I created this collection of small-scale, mixed media artwork, I thought about all these different spaces between and how they relate to one another. I found myself thinking about childhood stories and personal life experiences. When you’re stationary for twelve hour stretches at a time, it’s easy to get lost in the stories we have heard and the stories we tell ourselves. It’s almost a meditation diving into this stream of memories and half-forgotten dreams. I call this latest series, “Storyteller”. When I was making these pieces, I thought of stories about each piece and what it means to me, sometimes as standalone images or in conjunction with others. I know that when these go out into the world, if I’m lucky, others will create their own stories and find their own connections and examine the spaces in between and then they too will become storytellers. 

See and hear more about this series here: 


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