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Luster Pendant by Allegory Gallery — Rainbow Luster

Luster Pendant by Allegory Gallery — Rainbow Luster

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Hand-crafted pendant by us at Allegory Gallery, made in our jewelry workshop, Star Cottage Studio. 

In these Rainbow Luster Pendants, Andrew used vintage Japanese kimono fabric screens to make the texture and then added a combination of iridescent mica pigments on top to form the Rainbow luster layer. 

A portion of this sale will go to The Trevor Project (

Each piece in the Luster Collection goes through a multiple step hand-creation process. This pendant starts with a copper blank cut from a sheet of copper. Holes are drilled, then each burr is sanded off to ensure a smooth surface. The pendant is then heated under a torch flame to ensure all oils and surface impurities are burned away. After cleaning, a multi-step enameling process using liquid and powder enamels is performed to create a solid glass layer in our kiln. Once the pendant has been enameled and has passed our inspection process, layers of mica are added and, again, the piece is kiln-fired to secure the luster layer. Only after this can the piece be laser-etched with one of our in-house pieces of artwork. 

We create each piece lovingly by hand, and you can be assured that each piece has been inspected for quality during each step of the process. With the Luster Collection, you are investing in a piece that comes from the hands of artisan makers and will complement any of your jewelry creations.

Approximate Size: 40mm x 30mm

Color: Rainbow

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