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In-Person Felting Class—Bumblebee

In-Person Felting Class—Bumblebee

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Introducing a new class here at Allegory Gallery! We're going to be having fun with some felting! 

This class is perfect for beginners, and our teacher, Annie, will take you through every part needed to make this cute little bee and take it home with you! She'll even offer some ideas on how you can add to it and make it even more your own! 

This class will be held on Thursday, October 5th from 5pm till 8pm (ET) at our Ligonier, PA store location. Please note: This is an in-person class at our physical location. (We plan to schedule a virtual session following the in-person session, so if you're not local, please stay tuned). Spaces are limited. Sign-Ups Close on October 1st for this class, so be sure to sign up by then!

You are paying for your class and the kit materials needed to make this item. All items needed to create this project will be provided when you arrive. 

Pricing Breakdown:

Class: $35.00
Materials/Kit Fee: $10.00

We have sourced our wool from a small farm owned by our friend, Carlene. She retired and purchased a farm later in life. She runs it all by herself, and does all of the farm work by herself. The only thing she outsources is the dying of the wool by one of her friends! She even knows the name of the sheep that each colour of wool came from! She's really a lovely and energetic person, and we're so happy to have been able to partner with her for this class! Thank you to our teacher, Annie, for introductions! 

Please note: Sales on this class are final. If, for some reason, you are unable to make it to the class after signing up, we may offer (at our discretion) the option of taking another class with us or taking this class virtually.

Sign-Ups Close on October 1st, so be sure to sign up by then!

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