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Hand-Carved Antler Salmon Pendant

Hand-Carved Antler Salmon Pendant

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About ten years ago or so, we found this delightful vendor in Tucson who sold the most amazing carved creations. There were the most intricately carved skulls, ravens, and bees! Naturally, we were smitten kittens and got all that we could afford at the time.

And then they disappeared.

We went from show to show, looking for them, trying to retrace our steps as best as we could remember, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find them. That is... until last year! After much research and calling in favors, we rediscovered their booth and bought a small handful of amber bees. They sold out almost instantly and we regretted not getting more! We were looking forward to seeing them in Tucson this year, but with everything going on in the world right now, that’s just not possible. Luckily we made sure that we kept in touch and we were able to get a few more items in all different materials!

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