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Ginkgo Leaf Earring Kit

Ginkgo Leaf Earring Kit

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Follow along with Andrew on his tutorial as he shows you how to make these lovely Ginkgo Earrings! 

Find the tutorial on our YouTube Channel here:

Please note: This kit contains the items needed to make these earrings. You will have to use a metal hole-punch to make holes in the ginkgo leaf metal components. The ginkgo metal components also come flat (not textured) and are pre-annealed to work with (hence the possibly odd colour when you receive them). We take you through the process of texturing them in the video tutorial. 

Tools Needed/Recommended:

Bench Block (
Riveting Hammer—or a tool with a chisel face (
Metal Hole Punch ( or
Chain Nose Pliers (
Round-Nose Pliers (
Vintaj Patina Paints if you'd like to add colour (

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