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Cerberus at the Door Pendant by Nori Greer

Cerberus at the Door Pendant by Nori Greer

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Handmade pendant in copper by up and coming jewelry designer, Nori Greer. 

Approximate Size: 41mm x 24mm.

You will receive the item shown in the photos.

Statement from the Artist: 

I start with the design, several drafts in the margins of notebooks and sketchbook pages. Then the design is pasted onto a chosen square of metal and I saw out the design with a jewelers saw. The edges are neatened with files, and finished with a burnisher. The sanding is the most monotonous step of the process, but necessary for getting out the deeper scratches. Rounding the piece and planishing it with a mallet and hammer strengthen the metal against being bent or warped, and one last round of sanding finishes it off.

My name is Nori Greer, and I’m in the class of 2023 at Wellesley College, where I first began selling my metalwork at student craft fairs. I started doing metalwork at the age of 12, and reacquired the tools at the start of the pandemic. I worked out of my mom’s garage during lockdown, and later out of my dorm room. 

Since I start by drawing, my designs display the line-work, proportions, and visual intricacy that I’ve honed in over a decade’s worth of sketchbooks. I love making designs that draw from nature, such as plants and animals, as well as mythology and constellations that I enjoy reimagining. 

Though I love casting my own vision into metal, I also enjoy helping others materialize their own. I have worked with people to come up with the perfect designs for them or their loved ones. I did start out my career by making gifts for my friends and loved ones that they still treasure today. For commissions, the best way to reach me is at my art account on Instagram: @Noreaster_arts.

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