The Great Bead Trade—August 2022!

The Great Bead Trade—August 2022!

Do you want to see ten talented designers make projects on the fly? Join us today in The Great Bead Extravaganza Group!

This is an all-day event on Friday, August 26th where eight TGBE designers are paired together and everyone uses the same kit of jewelry making supplies to make vastly different things. It's going to be a lot of fun!

We hope that you will join us all starting at 2pm ET / 11am PT to kick things off and see what is in the secret kit and then watch Sara from Soft Flex Company and Abbi Berta of The Bead Place design together virtually (or watch on replay any time). This event is free and we hope that you will share it with your creative friends.

Andrew and Cynthia (of Green Girl Studios) will be up following them starting at 3:45pm ET / 12:45pm PT, so be sure to watch! Please see the schedule below for more information.

11am PT / 2pm ET - Sara Oehler & Abbi Berta
12:45pm PT / 3:45pm ET - Andrew Thornton & Cynthia Thornton
2pm PT / 5pm ET - Jaime Yoshida & Kay Goss
3:15pm / 6:15pm ET - Tracy Proctor & Christi Friesen

Many of these small businesses will be offering sales all day long (or all weekend long, too! Be sure to watch to see what deals everyone will have going on! 

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