Meet the Maker—Raven's Journey Czech Glass Beads

Meet the Maker—Raven's Journey Czech Glass Beads

Hello Everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that today, during our Live at 5pm, we're going to be doing a special "Meet the Maker" edition of our lives! Today, we'll be hanging out with Lenka of Raven's Journey Czech glass beads to talk about the different styles and finishes on Czech glass. We'll also open it up to you all to ask questions and get answers from this world-renowned Czech glass company! 

We're super excited for this, and if you'd like to tune in, please visit this link: Please note: if you've missed the live, you can still replay it using that link. 

We hope you'll join us and give Lenka and all those at Raven's Journey a very warm #agbeadfam welcome!

See you then!

Your friends,

William & Andrew

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