Introducing Our Saturday Morning Tutorial Series!

Introducing Our Saturday Morning Tutorial Series!

Hello Everyone!

We’re super excited to announce here that this Saturday morning at 8:30am (ET) will be the first premier video of our newest series of YouTube tutorials! We know that many of you only have time to create on weekends, so we wanted to help you get a jump start on creativity. 

In this new series, we’re partnering with our in-store class teacher, Jennifer Tuschong of JNTCreations, to create and make these videos. While some of the techniques in these videos may take time to learn or perfect, we’re trying to make most of these as accessible as possible to everyone. So, even if you’re a beginner, we believe you’ll be able to get a lot out of each video! We hope that these will inspire you and help give you a great start to your creative weekend! 

For our first tutorial, Jenn will be showing how to make her herringbone wire-wrapped earrings using Czech glass from our friends at Raven’s Journey.

This is a pretty new experience for all of us from Jenn being on camera (we’ve only done a few tutorials with her in the past many years ago) to editing these videos ourselves (and with new software to learn!), so we hope you’ll enjoy them and just know that they should continue to get better as time goes on and we get used to these new skill sets that we’re building. 

You can watch our Herringbone Wire-Wrapped Earrings Tutorial with Guest Teacher, Jennifer Tuschong here:

You can find JNTCreations on here (we hope you’ll like/follow her page, too):

And, as always, you can find links to follow us everywhere here:

Thank you to all of our friends out there for reading and watching! We appreciate all of your support! 

Your friends,

William & Andrew (and Jenn) :-)

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