Have You Seen Andrew's Picks?

Have You Seen Andrew's Picks?

A few weeks ago, we started a collection on our website called Andrew's Picks. These are beads, jewelry, pendants, charms, or anything that Andrew finds in the store that he really loves. As some of you know, Andrew runs the store on Tuesdays while William works his other job, so this gives him time to chose some new favorites nearly every week. 

Once a new collection is chosen, the previous items disappear from the website and are restock on the store floor for in-store sales. So, these are items that have a limited lifespan on the website. We think our friends out there have loved these, and we hope that you will, too! 

To see the most current Andrew's Picks, visit this link anytime: https://www.allegorygallery.com/collections/andrews-picks

The most recent Picks were some of our Fiber Cards and Manik Manik Indonesian Handmade Glass Beads! If you'd like to get some of these, you still have a little time before new items are chosen and posted! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, and we look forward to seeing you in store or online! 

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