Great New Jewelry!

Great New Jewelry!

As many of you know, our physical store is currently closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we're relying on our online store more and more as the weeks go on. We don't normally put new jewelry pieces in the online store, as we usually like to have them in the physical store so that people can see, feel, and experience them in person. But these times call for different measures. We've uploaded eight of Andrew's latest necklaces into the online store, with more to come! We've tried to ensure that we show as many angles and close-ups as needed along with videos of each piece. We hope that you enjoy them, and we'd be happy to ship them out to you anywhere in the world. 

Andrew has been very busy making things lately. Some of you may have already seen his collection of painted mermaids that he's started (if you missed them, you can find details on Facebook or in the online store). We also have a lot of other Mermaid-related items for MerMay! Of course, we still have our Inspiration Kits available online, and it seems that people have been very happy with theirs so far! We can't wait to see what everyone makes! 

Thank you for being a loyal supporter of our tiny business in western Pennsylvania. It really means the world to us!


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