Fairy Garden Design Challenge Kit

Fairy Garden Design Challenge Kit

If you're not familiar with the Allegory Gallery Design Challenges, it's a fun and informal way to play, create, and challenge yourself with a pre-selected set of components.

To participate, challengers must order a Design Kit.

But wait... there's more!  The pictures show a lovely mix of materials, but what isn't shown is the Mystery Component!

Each kit will come with a special, handmade component that will remain a mystery until it arrives at their doors! The Mystery Component might actually be more than just one bead or pendant!  It's a surprise!

The Mystery Component will be publicly revealed on Thursday, March 18th!

Participants will have approximately one month to work on their projects. With the kit, using as much or as little of it as one likes, participant are prompted to create a piece that showcases their creativity, individuality, and artistic expression.  Ideally the creation will spotlight the gorgeous selection of beads included, but the sky is the limit with one can use and create!

We've asked that the Challengers keep their projects secret until the reveal date!  (Of course, if you want to post teasers, please do!  It'll add to the merriment and excitement!)

The reveal date is set for Thursday, April 1st.  

Post a picture and a short description in the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge group! That's where we're going to share our Design Kit creations. We will spotlight some of the finished creations on the Allegory Gallery Facebook page to celebrate these unique designs.

There are only 40 Design Kits available! So hurry and grab your kit! They usually sell out super fast and we don't want you to miss out!

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Hello Diana! Yes, you may absolutely use items from your own stash. :-) Thanks for asking!


It’s okay to use some of your own stash?

Diana Shiraishi

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