Announcing Kit-a-Palooza 2023!

Announcing Kit-a-Palooza 2023!

Hello Everyone!

Today, during our Live at 5, we announced the start of Kit-a-Palooza 2023! If you don't know what that is, we started it in 2022 and it's a (usually) week-long event where we at Allegory Gallery release lots of new Inspiration Kits all at once! 

Today, for example, we released 10 new kits, and they'll be debuting in our online store on March 2, 2023. We'll run this year's Kit-a-Palooza for 3-5 days, and we're planning on releasing from 30-50 new kits (if not more)! 

Each day, we'll give you a sneak peek of the new kits during our Facebook and YouTube live broadcasts, and then the kits will be released in our online store a few hours later, just after midnight into our Kit-a-Palooza 2023 Collection here:

Be sure to tune in to catch all the fun and to snag these jewelry-making bead kits! Many of these kits have vintage components that limit the number of them that we can make. So, tune in to the lives, jot down the kits that you'd like to grab, and then come back after midnight anytime to grab yours! 

We look forward to seeing you during the lives, and we thank you all so very much for all of your support and love!

Your friends,

William & Andrew

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