Announcing Desert Discoveries!!

Announcing Desert Discoveries!!

Hello Everyone!

Not able to make it to Tucson to get great new gemstones and beads this year!? Well, thankfully, we've got you covered!

We've just released our Desert Discoveries Pre-Sale, where you pick the amount you'd like to spend in Tucson, and we'll grab you some beautiful new items! We're an established merchant in Tucson and, having been going for over 20 years, we've built great relationships with other vendors from around the world that allow us to buy at amazing prices!

The items that you get will be a surprise, but if you know us, you already know that they'll be of great quality and value! (We would love to be able to tailor the experience for you more, but our shopping days are limited.)

This product comes in multiple pricing options, so you can choose your own adventure! We have dollar amounts from $35-$1000, and if that's not enough, you can add more than one to your cart! And, despite our shopping time being limited, if you choose the $750 or $1000 option, you can have more input on your overall package.

If you'd like to puchase, visit the product link here (the drop-down menu starts at $35, but be sure to use it if you'd like to select other package amounts):

We'll also be hosting a special ticketed-only virtual event when we get back from Tucson, and your pre-purchase of the Desert Discoveries package allows you to attend to get first-dibs at any of the new items we bring back before they are released to the public!

Thanks so much for reading, and we look forward to picking out some lovely items for you!

Thank you for your support,

Andrew & William



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