Announcing: All My Little Words Paintings

Announcing: All My Little Words Paintings

We’ve been teasing Andrew’s “All My Little Words” paintings for some time now on our Live at 5 broadcasts, and we’ve finally gotten the first batch of them up and online for you to purchase! 

These things often take more time than expected to get ready. First, there is the meticulous process of creating the backgrounds including sanding each one by hand, then each one is individually aligned in our laser and engraved with our favourite words of inspiration. After that, Andrew embellishes, highlights, adds the final touches, and hand-seals each one. 

We have priced these well below what the time involved in preparing them would have actually cost us. That’s because we believe that everyone deserves to be able to afford artwork, and we feel these are attainable for most budgets. These are also priced so that they are good for gift-giving or picking up for Secret Santa gifting. Sometimes it’s hard to find quality items in the typical Secret Santa (or the like) price range, so we wanted you to be able to afford real, handcrafted artwork to give quality gifts this season. 

Here’s a bit about the work: 

We believe in the power of words. Words can inspire, uplift, and empower. We wanted to create a series that people could use as a focal point in their lives to pause and reflect.

These small-scale abstract paintings prominently feature a word of affirmation that is etched into the surface with a laser. To create the backgrounds, we built up layers of paint and used a special salt technique to create the distinctive mottled effect. All of the pieces are painstakingly sanded by hand and sealed.

We hope you love these, and keep an eye on the website, as we’ll have more coming in the next few days!

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