Strange Harvest—Pear by Andrew Thornton

Strange Harvest—Pear by Andrew Thornton

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Strange Harvest—Pear by Andrew Thornton

Approximate Size: 5” x 7”

Original Mixed Media Painting on Collage by Andrew Thornton.

From Andrew:

The more I mature as an artist, I can see how certain images from your childhood can make a reappearance later on. I have very fond memories of my grandmother’s kitchen in Piggott, Arkansas. The walls were yellow and lining the tops were a set of chalkware anthropomorphic fruit and vegetable plaques. Decades later, I can still see the charming faces smiling down on me. I believe one of my aunts hand painted the chalkware. I don’t really know what happened to them after my grandparents passed, but they will live on in me always and have inspired my most recent collection of small-scale, affordable artwork.

To make these pieces, I built up layers of collage and then hand paint each of the fruits. I also enhance the backgrounds using paint and black tea.

This series marks Andrew's last pieces for 2022. 


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