We Are Reopening this Friday (May 15th)!

We Are Reopening this Friday (May 15th)!

Hello Everyone!

We've spoken internally about what we plan to do for the soft re-opening (starting this Friday), and these are the guidelines we've settled on:

1) We will be open our normal pre-COVID-19 operating hours. We feel that since we are a small business that never has many people in the store at any one time, our risk and your risk (should you chose to shop with us) is minimized. Plus, being there during our normal hours will help us to base our shipping and deliveries, once-again, from the store instead of our home.

2) We do ask that you wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth if you choose to shop with us for the foreseeable future.

3) Classes will be canceled for now. We wish that we could say it would be safe to have people in for classes, but studies have shown that having even a small group of people in such a small space for extended periods of time could facilitate the spread of the virus. Our priority is to keep our friends and supporters safe. We may re-examine video classes, so that even our non-locals can join in, as time goes on.

4) We will leave bead trays outside the door during business hours. If there is a tray available, please take one and come in. If there is no tray available, that means we have reached our maximum occupancy and ask that you wait until a tray becomes available. We don't see this being an issue since we rarely have many people in at once, but we are doing this to ensure we can all keep safe distances while inside the store.

5) We will have hand-sanitizer (sourced locally from our fellow small-businesses) available in store for customer use.

We may amend or change these policies as time goes on, but we wanted our friends and supporters to be aware of what we're trying to do to keep everyone safe and healthy. We know some of this will be an inconvenience, but we're doing our best to stay in business while keeping our friends and ourselves as safe as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to message, email, or call us. We know these times are difficult for everyone, and we hope you understand that we are doing what we feel we need to do to continue to provide a safe space for all.

Thank You, and See You Soon,

William & Andrew

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