Allegory Gallery Summer of Fantasy!

Allegory Gallery Summer of Fantasy!

If you've been watching our live broadcasts, you know that we've been hinting at this for a few weeks now. Well, the time is finally here!

Get ready for the Summer of Fantasy! We're starting out with a mid-year Special Edition Calendar of Bead in the New Year!

Now, we understand that not everyone is into fantasy, and that's ok! We've created this calendar with fantastical elements so that if you want to go really deep into fantasy (maybe you're wanting to make something for your next cosplay or fairy-festival outfit) you can do that. But, if you're not much excited by the fantasy genre, we think you can easily look at these as un-connected, open prompts that you can take whenever you'd like. But, it's a great opportunity to dip your toe in this style.

And, as usual, many of the prompts are built around items that we offer in store. Your support on this project allows us to do these types of events. To help you stock up, stay tuned, as we have a sale coming your way very soon!

We know we're publishing this late, so for today's prompt, we're asking you to just start brainstorming about the days to come. Look over the calendar, take your time to let it sink in, and let your mind wonder where you might go!

And, as always with these types of challenges, we can't wait to see what you create in the Allegory Gallery Design Challenges group on Facebook!

If you'd like a copy of the calendar to download, you can get the PDF by clicking here. 

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