Retirement Sale!!

Retirement Sale!!

We're having a retirement sale!

No, we're not retiring, but some of our AG Wooden Pendants are! We've chosen nearly 50 designs that will never be made again after the beginning of the new year!

You can use these pendants as they are, or you can use one of many different tutorials we've done (or our friends have done) to embellish them!

They are all on sale now at 25% off each design (discount automatically applied in your cart), so be sure to get any of your favorites before they completely go away! Once they are fully retired, they won't be made again.

See the entire retirement collection here:

If you'd like to see the live we did announcing this (we also had a lot of fun with a trivia give-away at the end), please check it out here:

And, if you need some suggestions on how to apply surface treatments, check out these videos:

Painting and Embellishing Wooden Components by Andrew Thornton:

Embellishing our Wooden Book Pendants:

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