Open Roads Design Challenge Kit

Open Roads Design Challenge Kit

The windows are down and a cool breeze rushes across your sun-warmed face. The air smells so good. Sandalwood, vanilla, creosote, and something else… something green and living. You play a game of finding shapes in the clouds. Is that a cat doing acrobatics? Maybe a swooning angel? Who knows? Who cares? It could be both. You reach down and pull a cool beverage from the cooler and rifle through your epic snack pack. During your last stop, you loaded up on provisions like a sugar-high preteen with their allowance burning a hole in their pocket. Maybe you’ll regret this later, but right now it feels so right. You’re with your best friend with no destination in mind… just onward! The road stretches off into the distance and everything seems possible. You might as well have wings, you feel so free. Is this what a bird feels like? Maybe. All you know is that your heart seems full and you’re excited for the adventure ahead, whatever it may bring. The road is open and the sky is so, so, so big!

Before school starts back or the holiday season ramps up, we wanted to pay homage to one last road trip as the summer winds down. This kit includes an energizing mix of turquoise, airy blues, and creamy beiges with pops of earthy brown and sprinkles of verdant green. We took inspiration from a road trip across the Southwest, where the roads are long and the sky is big.

This kit is composed of:

  • A Luxury Bead Blend
  • Many Strands of Czech Glass
  • Vintage Czech Glass
  • Fire-Polished Czech Glass
  • Antique Venetian Seed Beads
  • Vintage Japanese Seed Beads
  • Strands of Turquoise
  • A Composite "Turquoise" Donut
  • A Vietnamese Ceramic Donut/Dondelle
  • Vintage Chinese Ceramic Rounds
  • Graphic Feldspar Rounds

If you're not familiar with the Allegory Gallery Design Challenges, it's a fun and informal way to play, create, and challenge yourself with a pre-selected set of components.

To participate, challengers must order a Design Kit.

Participants will have approximately one month to work on their projects. With the kit, using as much or as little of it as one likes, participant are prompted to create a piece that showcases their creativity, individuality, and artistic expression.  Ideally the creation will spotlight the gorgeous selection of beads included, but the sky is the limit with one can use and create!

We've asked that the Challengers keep their projects secret until the reveal date! (Of course, if you want to post teasers, please do!  It'll add to the merriment and excitement!)

The project reveal date is set for Thursday, September 16th, 2021. 

Post a picture and a short description in the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge Group in the album we create for this challenge! We will spotlight some of the finished creations on the Allegory Gallery Facebook page and our Instagram account to celebrate these unique designs.

There are only 24 Design Kits available! So hurry and grab your kit! They usually sell out super fast and we don't want you to miss out!

Please note, all Design Challenge Kits have a delay in shipping of, at least, two weeks. 

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