New Green Girl Studios for MerMay!

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MerMay was originally launched as a way to engage and challenge artists to create mermaid-themed artwork for the entire month of May. But it's also a celebration of all things mermaid and is a wonderful way to celebrate the start of summer.

We decided to add some pieces from Green Girl Studios. Not familiar with Green Girl Studios? They are a metalsmith-based company based out of Asheville, NC. It is owned and operated by Greg Ogden and Cynthia Thornton. (Cynthia is Andrew's sister, if you were wondering.) Green Girl Studios produces fine pewter, sterling silver, bronze, and shibuichi (a copper and silver alloy) jewelry components. They have several hundred different designs and many of the designs are delightfully whimsical and have origins in folklore.

MerMay is the perfect opportunity to showcase their work, as mermaids are a design that appears frequently in the lineup. We're going to keep adding mermaid and sea-related products over the course of May. See all the newly added Green Girl Studios pieces and more by heading over to the MerMay section!

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