New Gemstone Bead Strands from Tucson!

New Gemstone Bead Strands from Tucson!

Hello Everyone! 

We're super excited to let you know that our online store is filling up with new gemstone bead strands from Tucson! If you haven't taken a look at our Gemstone Collection in awhile, we hope you'll take another look soon! 

Amethyst Tube Beads

We've been debuting new gemstones that we brought back with us for the past few days, and we're going to continue to do so for another week or more until we run out of Tucson Treasures to show you! 

Red Agate Faceted Cube Beads

Each and every strand that we've brought back was hand-picked by Andrew right in Tucson. Nothing was shipped in or dropped off to us. We made sure that we were picking the best of the best for you at each price point, and we think you're really going to love all the great new stones! Andrew really found some great new shapes and stones, and we can't wait to show you all that we've got! 

Beryl Hand-Carved Shell-Shaped Beads

There are a few ways that you can see these new items (and this goes for most things we release):

  1. Watch our live broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook. This is where we always show you the latest and greatest items from us. We often sell directly from the live, and we often give a little limited-time discount that you won't get anywhere else on all the new goodies!
  2. After the lives and once the limited-time discounts expire, we load up whatever is not yet claimed into the online store. With all that's going on, you should expect to see new items there every day or every other day for the next week or two. 
  3. We announce most of our items on our email and SMS lists, so if you've not already signed up, you can do that from our homepage!
  4. And, of course, you can usually see all the new items on our social media. Facebook and Instagram are where we mostly post photos of new items, but you can also check our community tab on YouTube and our Google Business Listing for shorter updates. 
Pyrite Faceted Pyramid Beads

As you can see by the photos here, we've already debuted some lovelies, and we hope you'll enjoy them all! And, we hope that you'll share our posts and videos with your friends who make jewelry, too. As a small, boutique bead store, we really rely on word-of-mouth advertising. We don't have huge marketing budgets like the larger stores, so we appreciate all the likes, comments, and shares of our social media pages! 

Moss Aquamarine Shield Beads

Thank you all for taking a look, and we hope you'll stay tuned for more great beads! 

Your friends,

William & Andrew

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