New Allegory Gallery Enameled Pendants!

New Allegory Gallery Enameled Pendants!

Hello Everyone!

It's cold, windy, and icy here in Ligonier today, so we've closed the store and canceled classes. It's always a hard call to make because we love hanging out with our students and friends, and it's so close to the holidays that we know some people are still last-minute holiday shopping, but we just didn't want anyone taking the risk today! We, originally, weren't going to be open tomorrow (Christmas Eve), but, provided the weather is a bit better, we'll be opening from 11am-2pm for those who still need to grab some gifts!

But, just because we're closed doesn't mean the work stops (as anyone who has their own business well knows)! We just released some more of our Allegory Gallery Enameled Pendants! If you watch our lives on Facebook and YouTube, you’ve already gotten a sneak peek of these, but if not, these will be new to you! 

Each pendant goes through a ten step process (or more depending on the complexity) and is done by us at Allegory Gallery in our jewelry studio at Star Cottage Studio. These are vitreous enamel and each design is created by hand using sgraffito by Andrew Thornton Artist.

Each piece has a protective layer of resin added for strength and durability. Only one of each exists, so if you see something you like, we hope you’ll grab it soon! 

See our entire AG Enameled Pendant Collection here:

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