Inspired by Reading Online Meetings

Inspired by Reading Online Meetings

Hello Everyone!

We know that many of you have been waiting to hear when we'll be launching the Inspired by Reading (Allegory Gallery's Book Club) online meetups, and we've now chosen the dates for 2023! 

Our online meetups will be the last Monday of every month from 7-9pm (ET). Our first one will start today, Monday, February 27th and we'll be discussing both January's and February's books and the projects that you've made inspired by those books!

The meetings will be on Zoom, as we've found that's the best way for face to face group interaction. You can get more information on our website here:

Please note that our in-person dates will remain the same: the last Sunday of every month from 6pm - 9pm (ET).

We can't wait to see you to discuss these books and see all the amazing things you've created while you were inspired by them! Thank you for being a part of our book club!

Your friends,

William & Andrew

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