Announcing the 2024 Allegory Gallery New Year's Design Competition!

Announcing the 2024 Allegory Gallery New Year's Design Competition!

Update: We will update this article with Curveballs and other information as they come up. Please scroll to the bottom to find the latest information. 


Hello Everyone!

We have some exciting news to share with you! We’re launching a design competition for the coming new year!

We know…some of you LOVE competitions and some of you really don’t—at all! But, it’s been awhile since we’ve done one, and we think that we can do this in a way that’s going to be fun for everyone! So, here’s a little bit about how it’s going to work.

We’ll ask you to create a three-piece jewelry set. We’re not going to limit you on what’s included in that set other than you must use at least one Allegory Gallery Wooden Pendant or Charm somewhere in the set (of course, you can use more than one). It could include a necklace, earrings, bracelet, anklet, brooch, hat pin, or anything else that you can dream of (you could even do a triple bracelet or necklace set). The pieces should co-ordinate, but they do not have to match (but they can!). You can also make multiple sets and enter multiple times! Just remember, each set must have a different AG Wooden Pendant. 

Don't have any AG Wooden Pendants or Charms? Get yours by clicking here! We're putting some on sale for the end of December to help you get started in the competition!

For those who are less interested in the competition part of it, that’s all there is to do if you’d like to take part. We’ll open everything up to a popular vote in our Allegory Gallery Design Challenges group on Facebook, and everyone in the group can vote whether they made a piece or not. The only thing is, you cannot vote for your own projects. You must vote for someone else’s projects.

Now, if you want to take part in the bigger part of the competition, we’re going to give you some curveballs throughout the time of the competition. For example, we’re launching this today, and we’re going to set the final reveal date for January 26th, 2024 (judging will begin on this day). From now till then, every once in a while, we’re going to give you a prompt that you should try to incorporate somewhere in your design. For example, we may say “Curveball One: Use chain in your design”. These curveballs may come at any time up until the final reveal date. The more that you can incorporate and still make a cohesive three-piece set, the more points you’ll get. After the reveal, those who have decided to participate in this part of the competition will be judged by us at Allegory Gallery for how many curveballs you chose to do, how well we feel they were incorporated, and the overall look and feel of your set.


Popular Vote: Winners of the popular vote (top five) will each receive an Allegory Gallery gift card valued at $35 (USD) plus an Allegory Gallery Inspiration Kit of our choice.

Curveball Competition: Second and Third Place of the curveball part of the competition will receive a $50 Allegory Gallery gift card each and two Allegory Gallery Inspiration Kits of our choice. The First Place winner of the curveball part of the competition will win a $100 Allegory Gallery gift card and five Allegory Gallery Inspiration Kits of our choice.

A Few FAQs:

1) Q: Can I enter more than one set in the competition? 
A: Yes! You can enter as many as you want, but you must have a different AG Wooden Pendant or Charm in each one. You cannot, for example, use the same pendant, but use it to take photos of three different sets by moving it from one set to the other. 

2) Q: I'm not on Facebook. Can I still enter? 
A: Yes! Just email us photos of your designs at with the subject line "AG New Year's Design Competition Submission". We'll then post your items in the album for voting. Please note: we will need your name and the photos to post. We will not post anonymously. 

3) Q: Will my design be shown anywhere else? 
A: Possibly. We plan to promote this competition online and on our social media accounts. By participating, you agree that we can share your images and work along with any identifying information (like your social media handles). 

4) Q: Can I reveal my design before the reveal date?
A: No! Please do not reveal your design before January 26th, 2024. You may give teasers of your design (like up-close shots, for example), but please keep everything under wraps until the reveal date. This will help to make a bigger splash and get more people interested in voting and the competition. 

5) Q: Where do I share my design(s) on January 26th? 
A: Great question! We'll have an album in the Allegory Gallery Design Challenges group on Facebook. You'll add your design(s) to the album. We'll give more information on how to do this in the album when we create it. If you're not already a member of the group, be sure to join today by clicking the link above :-) 

6) Q: I have a question not answered here. Who can I ask? 
A: Email us at :-) 



Curveball #1: Incorporate the metal swirl component that Jenn teaches in this Saturday Morning Tutorial into your design:

Curveball #2: Use pearls (natural or glass) somewhere in your design. Need pearls? Check out our selection of beautiful vintage pearls in our online store:


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