Announcing "Bead in the New Year" for 2023!

Announcing "Bead in the New Year" for 2023!

For years, we've done a month-long challenge every January called "Bead in the New Year" to help kickstart your creativity in the New Year. The past few years have been difficult both in the world and personally for us, so we had skipped this challenge in 2022. Well, by popular demand, we've decided to bring it back for 2023!

Above is the calendar of prompts. This year, we've created a downloadable PDF file that you can save to your computer or device. Click here to download it. We've also made it easier to acquire the challenge components if you don't have them! If we sell the particular items in our online store, we've provided a link in the PDF file. Just click/tap on the day, and you'll be sent to our website or other applicable service.

Creations are shared in an album in the Allegory Gallery Design Challenges group. We'll add this album to the group just before New Year's Eve. You can challenge yourself day by day or you can pick and choose which ones pique your curiosity. Missed a day? No worries, add them at your convenience. We can't wait to see what everyone makes, and we really hope that this helps to get the creativity flowing for you! 

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