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Turquoise Coin Earrings by Andrew Thornton

Turquoise Coin Earrings by Andrew Thornton

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Turquoise Coin Earrings by Andrew Thornton

Turquoise coins with bronze accents and satin gold vermeil ear wires.

Stunning turquoise coins with bronze accents are wire-wrapped by hand and attached to gold vermeil ear wires. Gold vermeil ensures long-lasting wear, as it is a heavy plating of gold over sterling silver. 

Turquoise, a stone of wisdom and and protection, can assist its wearer in many ways. It can help to stabilize mood swings by balancing all chakras and unifying masculine and feminine energies flowing through the body. Connected to the healing energy of water, it can also promote self-forgiveness, healing, and love for its wearer.  

Please note: There are multiples of this item available. Photos are for illustration purposes only and each gemstone varies naturally. You may not receive the exact pair shown. 

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