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Treasure Hunt Box 3.0

Treasure Hunt Box 3.0

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Please note: If you plan on placing an order with other items, please purchase this box separately. We cannot combine anything inside of these boxes, and we'll have to send you an invoice for shipping the rest of your order if you do not. 

Our original Treasure Hunt boxes (both 1.0 and 2.0) were super popular, so we're releasing a version 3.0! These are truly treasure hunt boxes in that we'll be gathering a very eclectic bunch of items from Andrew's personal stash and the Bead Room at Star Cottage Studio. These will contain a great assortment of items both vintage and modern. 

No two Treasure Hunt Boxes are alike—each one is different. These Treasure Hunt Boxes are packed in USPS Priority Small Boxes and are charged a flat rate shipping amount via USPS. These boxes are open to international orders; priority shipping rates will apply. 

Please note that this is a limited-time presale. We will be starting the creation of these boxes shortly after our return from Florida. By ordering early, you will be helping us to plan out the number of boxes we will be making. 

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