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New Day Original Artwork - Prosperity

New Day Original Artwork - Prosperity

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This series began during some harder times for us in 2023. After hearing the news of his father's cancer diagnosis, Andrew set to creating this work of art. This diagnosis left a lot of uncertainty and many unanswered questions as time went on and trying to find the light in the dark wasn't easy. As the year progressed, friendships and close relations fell away, William suffered health issues with his heart, our fur son Barnaby got very sick and nearly passed away, Wiliam's other job (our safety net that paid most of our personal bills) burned to the ground on Christmas Day, and Andrew's father did pass away on New Year's Day. 

Trying to work through all of this, Andrew has created these original art pieces that project a New Day—a positive look toward the future where after devastation, the growth of life begins again under the warmth of a bight, shining sun. 

All of these pieces are a part of our New Day campaign. Each sale will go towards moving Allegory Gallery to its own building in our new Johnstown location as well as assisting us with our expenses since William lost his other job. We are so very appreciative for all those who have helped to support and sustain us through these difficult times. We can't thank you enough. 

Many people have asked if there are ways to donate without making purchases, so we have opened a GoFundMe campaign that can be found here if you'd like to donate in this way:

Original Art by Andrew Thornton

Material: Acrylic and Collage on Bristol Board.

Approximate Size: 3" x 4"  

Signed, titled, and dated on the back by Andrew. 

Please note: All screens are different. We do our best to ensure colors look accurate on our side, but the original piece may differ from what you see on screen. 


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