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New Day Luxury Bead Blend

New Day Luxury Bead Blend

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This is an Allegory Gallery premium Luxury Bead Blend. Each of our Luxury Bead Blends are hand-curated using only quality contemporary and vintage components to create only the best and most luscious blends for you. 

These blends are available only in limited quantities. These are not created using any type of recipe or formula. Each is made using instinct and artistic principles honed over decades of study, trend-reporting, and an intimate knowledge of the bead world—once they are sold out, they will never be created again. 

You will receive one 2" x 3" bag filled with this blend. 

These Luxury Bead Blends are a part of our New Day campaign. Each sale will go towards moving Allegory Gallery to its own building in our new Johnstown location as well as assisting us with our expenses since William lost his other job due to a catastrophic fire. We are so very appreciative for all those who have helped to support and sustain us through these difficult times. We can't thank you enough. 

Many people have asked if there are ways to donate without making purchases, so we have opened a GoFundMe campaign that can be found here if you'd like to donate in this way:

Please note: All screens are different. We do our best to ensure colors look accurate on our side, but what you receive may differ from what you see on screen. 

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