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Inner Jungles Art Pin / Brooch by Andrew Thornton

Inner Jungles Art Pin / Brooch by Andrew Thornton

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From Andrew: 

One of the fun things about these pins is combining my 2-D work with my 3-D work. I had a conversation with a friend once about how it almost seems like I have multiple personalities with the things I make; there’s whimsical forest creatures and then commentary on generational trauma. (Which, really aren’t that different, actually… they just seem to belong to different worlds.) A lot of my recent explorations with enamel has been how I can manipulate, embellish, and decorate the surfaces of my metal creations. I feel like this is a step towards that coalescence. I think when you zoom out, what I do and how I do it makes sense. But from a causal observation, things can seem disparate. But I’m building bridges and I think the more I work, the more everything coexists.

These pins are painted draft board with collage and paint with prefabricated steel pin backs.

Created by: Andrew Thornton

Materials: Collage and paint on wood.

Size: 3" x 2".

Each pin is created by hand by Andrew Thornton. These are not part of our dye sublimated collection. These are original pieces of artwork hand-made by the artist. 

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