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Forever Home Inspiration Boxes

Forever Home Inspiration Boxes

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Please note: If you plan on placing an order with other items, please purchase this box separately. We cannot combine anything inside of these boxes, and we'll have to send you an invoice for shipping the rest of your order if you do not. 

As many of you know, we’re in the process of moving the physical location. With the help of an angel investor, we were able to purchase the building. Originally we had other plans for it, but after some pretty big life events and a lot of soul searching and careful thought, we decided to relocate our physical store. Our long cherished wish was to find a forever home for Allegory Gallery and we’re making that a reality.

We have had one delay after the other, but we’re finally getting closer! We plan to have our grand reopening on Memorial Day weekend. But before we get to that point, there’s a lot that we’d like to do. Unfortunately, because of the delays and unexpected expenses, our budget for this project got eaten through quicker than we had planned or had hoped.

So these boxes are part of our one last big PUSH to fundraise to get the doors open again. We would also like to get back to our roots and add new bead products to the forthcoming location. This will give the shop a nice refresh and since we won’t have all the specimens or home decor items, it’ll help round out our offerings.

No two Forever Home Inspiration Boxes are alike—each one is different. These will be loaded with items that we've curated from our private collection that we hope will delight, inspire, and amuse your muse in the new year! 

These Boxes are packed in USPS Priority Small Boxes and are charged a flat rate shipping amount via USPS. These boxes are open to international orders; priority shipping rates will apply. Hurry to get yours today before they sell out!

Please note: These are a pre-sale, and your box may take 1-2 weeks to ship.

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