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Cast Bronze Pin by Allegory Gallery — Chimera Baby

Cast Bronze Pin by Allegory Gallery — Chimera Baby

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Cast Bronze Pin by Allegory Gallery — Chimera Baby

This item is part of our Cast by Allegory Gallery collection.

Andrew grew up in a world where stories of magical creatures like birds large enough to steal babies, clams big enough to trap you and take you under the ocean, and of babies springing from knots of trees were told all the time. Fascinated by the themes of fairy tales and mythology, you'll often see other-worldly creatures show up in his work. 

This new series of cast items is no different, thankfully! He has created a series of one-of-a-kind Chimera Baby pins. We think you'll love these whimsical beings and will love making up and telling stories about where they came from with your friends!

This piece in the Cast by Allegory Gallery collection is one-of-a-kind. It was created during a multiple-day process that includes finding the natural object, preparing it for casting, attaching it to a wax tree, pouring investment, burning out the natural object in a kiln overnight, pouring the molten bronze, and hand-finishing the piece. 

Approximate Size: 1.25" (31mm) x 0.875" (19mm)

Material: Bronze


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