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Cast Bronze Pendant Necklace by Allegory Gallery — Maple Samara

Cast Bronze Pendant Necklace by Allegory Gallery — Maple Samara

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Cast Bronze Pendant Necklace by Allegory Gallery — Maple Samara

This item is part of our Cast by Allegory Gallery collection. As you may know, here at Allegory Gallery, we love nature and are inspired by it in so much that we do.

William spent much of his youth roaming the forests on his grandparents' property and the nearby woods of his childhood home. Forests were (and still are) a place where he could always relax and just be. He would listen to the sounds wash over him and feel the air flow through the trees and watch them wave at him and crackle as they did so. 

Maple seeds (or helicopters as he and his family called them) were amazing natural forms of entertainment. He and his brother and cousins would play with them for long periods of time throwing them into the air and chasing them around as they twisted and wound their way back down. 

When it came to items to choose for casting, this natural object sprang to mind right away. It's was the perfect way to capture this childhood feeling of wonder and excitement of the natural world—which, we believe, many of us can relate to. And, we also learned that these are called samaras during this process and that the seeds contained inside are edible for many species of North American maples! 

Created not to be perfect, but rather show the slightly worn look that these little helicopters are given on their trips down to the ground, we hope you find this one-of-a kind piece as whimsical and lovely as we do. 

Approximate Size: Pendant: 2.5" (62mm) x 0.625" (17mm) / Necklace: 22"

Pendant Material: Bronze with Sterling Silver Bail


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