Welcome to the online home of Allegory Gallery!

Thank you for visiting our home online! We are continually updating and adding new information to this site. Though we are a small shop in Ligonier, PA, we are always trying to bring great classes, workshops, art, and, of course, beads into town! We hope that you find what you need here, and if not, please feel free to leave us feedback to let us know what you’d like to see! We are here for you, and we thank you for stopping by!

Our Very Best, and Simplicity Always,

William & Andrew
Allegory Gallery

What’s New: We’ve started our own YouTube site! We’re showing off things in store, as well as taking you on tours around town, including other stores that we love in Ligonier, PA!! Please join us and subscribe here!

We’ve also added a Design Challenges page to our website to more easily find the dates you need to complete your projects!