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Sumptuous Sage Inspiration Kit

Sumptuous Sage Inspiration Kit

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As many of you know, we’re in the process of moving the physical location. With the help of an angel investor, we were able to purchase the building. Originally we had other plans for it, but after some pretty big life events and a lot of soul searching and careful thought, we decided to relocate our physical store. Our long cherished wish was to find a forever home for Allegory Gallery and we’re making that a reality. To see more information, visit our Patreon here:

Feeling in a slump and need something to get your creative juices flowing? Our Inspiration Kits are a great way to jump-start your creativity! We've curated a collection of components that we think will be perfect to motivate you to create!

This Kit Includes: 

  • A selection of hand-picked mystery components from us at Allegory Gallery

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