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Spring Cleaning Box

Spring Cleaning Box

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We've been cleaning out the bead room at Star Cottage Studio along with Andrew's personal stash this spring, and we have a lot of treasures we're planning to part with!

We're doing a special edition of our Mystery Boxes for this Spring Cleaning Event! These Spring Cleaning Boxes will be stuffed FULL of beads and components. We hope that you will enjoy all the many goodies that can be found within! 

No two Spring Cleaning Boxes are alike—each one is different. We've combed through our private collection and put together assortments that we hope will delight, inspire, and amuse your muse! Spring Cleaning Boxes are $75 each. 

We will also tuck a SPECIAL prize in one of the Spring Cleaning Boxes. We will randomly insert one of Andrew's handcrafted enamel pendants in one of the boxes. The pendant alone is worth $75 dollars!!! Who will be the winner? No one will know until all of the boxes have been bought and someone finds it. If you get it, please let us know in our Design Challenge Group on Facebook! We always like to know where they end up! You can find our group here:

The Spring Cleaning Boxes are packed in USPS Priority Small Boxes and shipping is included for US customers. We're offering these to our International friends, but we cannot cover all shipping charges for international orders (you will be refunded the amount that we cover for US-based orders, however, when we ship).  So hurry to get yours today before they sell out!

Please note: These are a pre-sale, and your box may take 2-3 weeks to ship.

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