Other Waters by Andrew Thornton

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Other Waters Painting by Andrew Thornton.

Painted in 2020. Acrylic on canvas. Approx. 8" x 10".

From Andrew: Mermaids are one of those folkloric creatures that spring up pretty much in every coastal region. There's a fascination with the mysteries of the deep and mermaids are a bridge between our world and something completely alien. The water can be life sustaining, but it can also be cruel and kill. It's a coming to terms with something bigger than ourselves…something primal and elemental.

This is one of the new MerMay paintings that I made. I like the idea that there are as many types of mermaids as there are fish. There’s something appealing about liminal creatures that embody more than one world. I often times felt so conflicted growing up, belong neither here nor there. But when I started to love myself for who I was and stopped trying to be one way or another, there was something beautiful... something peaceful... something that was empowering.

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