NEW Vintage Mystery Box!

  • $75.00
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This is a Special Edition Vintage Mystery Box full of wonderful vintage beads and materials!

We have been curating our Mystery Boxes for many years! We are so pleased to be offering them again, and we hope that you will enjoy all the many vintage treasures that can be found within! 

No two Mystery Boxes are alike—each one is different. We save up all year long and comb through our private collection of beads putting together assortments that we hope will delight, inspire, and amuse your muse! 

Only 12 of these Mystery Boxes exist!

Each special NEW Vintage Mystery Box has been set at a very special price of only $75.00, but is worth much more! 

These Mystery Boxes are packed in USPS Priority Small Boxes and shipping is included in the listing price. These boxes are only available for US residents and for a limited time! So hurry to get yours today before they sell out!

Please Note: Vintage Mystery Boxes could take up to a week to ship. 

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