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Art Print—Andrew Thornton—Paulo

Art Print—Andrew Thornton—Paulo

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Art print of Andrew Thornton's "Paulo". 

4" x 6" print done on archival photographic paper with pigment inks. Each print is also signed and date by Andrew. 

This painting was made by Andrew Thornton to commemorate our dear companion, Paulo, who recently passed away. The painting shows Paulo with his favorite string. 

During Paulo's various visits to the vet, we were helped by The Beth Luther Fund at Donovan Veterinary Clinic. Because of COVID-19, they have not been able to do as many fundraisers to raise money to help other people and their pets, so we wanted to do something to help. 

We know that Paulo would want to help other kids in need, and if he were still around, we're sure he'd be doing his money dance with his favorite string to help. So, will be donating 50% of each sale of these prints to The Beth Luther Fund at Donovan Veterinary Clinic here in Ligonier, PA (the other 50% are to cover the costs of printing and materials). 

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