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Allegory Gallery Interviews is about telling the stories of the beads and art that surround us, directly from the makers themselves. Each episode of Allegory Gallery Interviews features a maker who will tell their story—how they began, why they are passionate about what they do, who and what their inspirations are, and what advice or words of wisdom they have for those listening. And, because we want you to see a direct lineage of maker to art, we will feature works by the maker in our store and online coinciding with the debut of each podcast episode (if applicable).

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Cheryl Ann Lipstreu

Episode Thirteen
Released: October 14, 2019
In this episode, we talk with Cheryl Ann Lipstreu about her life, her art, and her time on Game Show Network’s Skin Wars. Cheryl Ann also discusses being an artist and activist, and how she uses her celebrity as a platform for good.

Mandy Sirofchuck—Main Exhibit Gallery

Episode Twelve
Released: August 16, 2019
In this episode, we talk with Mandy Sirofchuck of Main Exhibit Gallery in Ligonier, PA. Mandy and her husband, Paul, have just celebrated 25 years in business, and we speak with her about what it took to start their business and how their lives and the business have changed over the years.

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Open Table—Kelly Russell, Christi Friesen, Andrew Thornton, & William Jones

Episode Eleven
Released: August 10, 2019
In this open-table episode, we talk with Kelly Russell of Beadfuddled, Christi Friesen of Christi Friesen Originals, and Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery. Join us as we all speak openly and honestly about our lives as makers and artists including how selling, creating, and making a living have changed over the years.

This episode is a bit different than many of our others as it's an open-table format and you're getting an un-censored and inside look at the thoughts and views of these wonderfully creative individuals!

Kelly Russell—Beadfuddled

Episode Ten
Released: June 10, 2019
In this episode, we talk with Kelly Russell of Beadfuddled and Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery. Join us as Kelly speaks openly and honestly about her life and the various challenges she’s faced. Just as she was on the brink of becoming quite famous and well-known in her field, she had to step back due to some heath and personal issues. Now, she’s regrouping and focusing on her next projects with a renewed sense of self. Tune in to find out more about her life, and how she’s working on and overcoming these difficulties.

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Christi Friesen—Christi Friesen Originals

Episode Nine
Released: May 4, 2019
In this episode, we talk with Christi Friesen of Christi Friesen Originals and Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery. Christi has just recently completed her second teaching session with us here in Ligonier, PA, and we were excited to hear about her year of travel and all the plans that she has for the next few months!

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Clayton Hepler—Scamps Toffee

Episode Eight
Released: March 26, 2019
In this episode, we talk with Clayton Hepler, Chief of Sweets for Scamps Toffee here in Ligonier, PA. Scamps is a local candy and sweets shop here in Ligonier, and they've just recently expanded their operations. We talk with Clayton about his part in this process, and what it's meant for the business.

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Greg Ogden

Episode Seven
Released: February 8, 2019
Many of our friends know Greg Ogden from Green Girl Studios, but not everyone knows about his other projects and interests. In this episode of Allegory Gallery Interviews, we speak with Greg about his inspirations, words of advice, and projects outside of Green Girl Studios.

We would also like to thank Charles Howes and Greg for providing us with our new theme music for Allegory Gallery Interviews!

See Greg's first book, Franklin Frog and the Fallen Tree

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Nettie Wray—Switching Gears Outpost

Episode Six
Released: December 29, 2018
Nettie Wray, a current resident of Ligonier, PA talks with William about the process of starting her own business. As a mother, grandmother, and someone with a day job, Nettie talks about why and how she has decided to fit jewelry making into her life and start her own business.

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Mentioned in this Podcast Episode:

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Jenn Tuschong—JNTCreations

Episode Five
Released: November 30, 2018
Jenn Tuschong, a current resident of Ligonier, PA, business owner, and mother of two, speaks with William about her work as an independent business owner making both jewelry and holistic body products. We speak about her inspirations, family, and words of wisdom for others who wish to pursue their own talents.

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Liz Chumtong—Saki Silver

Episode Four
Released: October 9, 2018
Liz speaks with William about her work as President of Saki Silver, her past as a ballet dancer and her traveling adventures, and touches on some of her struggles as a woman in the industry. She also mentions some of the other women in the industry who have inspired her and her work.

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Special Edition—Jen Palmer

Episode Three
Released: September 14, 2018
In this Special Edition of our podcast, we speak with Jen Palmer about her background, education, and her connection with art as a source of healing. This episode has been produced to coincide with Allegory Gallery's Ligonier Art Walk show with Jen, "Holding Space".

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The various sites and artists that Jen speaks about in this episode are listed below:

Art for Your Ear

Danielle Krysa

Wendy Brightbill

Wendy McWilliams

Liz Tran

Wise Women Natural Health Collective

The Red Tent

The Frida Center for Fibromyalgia

Diane Hawkey

Episode Two
Released: September 12, 2018
Diane speaks with William about her work, her current inspirations, fundraising work, and her advice for those wishing to be artists. Plus, we interview Andrew Thornton, Creative Director at Allegory Gallery, about his reflects on his friendship with Diane and her work.

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Gina Chalfant—White Swan Studio

Episode One
Released: August 14, 2018
Gina speaks with William about her past work, her current inspirations, and her advice for those wishing to be artists.

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