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Andrew Thornton Original Art - Phoenix Series — 2019

  • Andrew Thornton Original Art - Phoenix Series — 2019

Original art by Andrew Thornton from his 2019 Phoenix Series. Listing is for one piece; you will receive the one shown in the photo. We make every attempt to portray colour as realistically as possible, however, not all screens are the same. Please note that actual colour may vary from what is seen on your screen. For more information, please feel free to email us at with the item name.

Size is approximately 5” x 5”

From Andrew: To help offset the expense of the buyout, I've created a new series of work. This new series includes six new paintings made by me. Each of the paintings depicts a phoenix. I've had a fascination with them ever since I was a little boy. Whether it was in mythological stories or on the pages of comic books, I was drawn to this mythic creature. I think what appealed to me the most was that endings weren't really over. When most stories end, the phoenix's journey began anew. What was lost could be found again. What was broken could be mended and remade. And when everything and everyone else said to give up...there was still hope. There was still this rare and beautiful spark of hope that the impossible could be made manifest. From the blistering fire and the ashes of the past, it was possible to rise... to rise and to fly and to soar the skies.


Andrew Thornton Original Art - Phoenix Series — 2019


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