Spooky Creepy Art Show!

Spooky Creepy Art Show!

Hello Everyone! 

We know that many of you who follow us on our lives realize that we've not had an art show in store since the pandemic. Well, on Sunday, October 22nd, that all changes!

Get ready for Spooky Creepy! 

Spooky Creepy is our first art show since 2019 and it will debut during the Ligonier Witches Bike Brigade event on Sunday, October 22nd! We'll have our official opening reception from 5-7pm. Spooky Creepy will run until December 3rd and will feature work from 17+ artists!

This show explores ideas of American Gothic and horror, which are seasonally appropriate for Halloween, but is a fascinating look into the human experience facing death and the otherworldly. Some of the pieces are more whimsical and some are darker interpretations of the theme.

Featured artists include:

Brenda Schweder
Junker Jane
Cheryl Ann Lipstreu
Nicole Meyer
Diane Hawkey
Earthenwood Studio
Erin Prais-Hintz
Lisa L Grix
Lucinda Storms
Charli Infante
Pamela Cooper
Staci Louise Smith
Wendy Wallin Malinow
Cheyanne Anderson
Raven Cintron
and More!

The show will be available during the daytime for the Ligonier Witches Bike Brigade event, and we will follow it that evening with the opening reception including snacks and drinks from 5-7pm. We are hoping for some of the more local artists to be in attendance for the reception (depending on their availability). Artwork will be available for purchase in store during the entire day, and each piece will be available as grab and go (meaning we will not be holding and shipping artwork at the end of the show). New artwork may be rotated and changed throughout the duration of the show, as well, with some of our artists wanting to present more than one piece.

All remaining and available pieces will be posted on our website by Tuesday, October 24th. So, if you’re not local, you won’t have to miss out on the entire show! You'll be able to find all the pieces online at https://agbeads.com/spookycreepy.

We are super exciting to relaunch our art shows here at Allegory Gallery, and we hope you'll join us! 

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