New Treasure Hunt Boxes Now Available!

New Treasure Hunt Boxes Now Available!

Hello Everyone!

We know that a lot of you have been enjoying our destashing during our live broadcast lately, but what many of you didn't know is that, behind the scenes, we've also been using some of our finds to compile NEW Treasure Hunt Boxes! These are USPS Priority Small Boxes filled to the brim with lots of wonderful goodies from our private stash!

We've been doing a lot of organizing and combing through our collection with a fine-tooth comb, and we've come up with some really wonderful things to fill these boxes with. No two boxes are the same, and you might find anything from vintage glass, metal components, lampwork glass, furnace glass, gemstone beads, antique seed beads, and so much more inside! If you like good surprises, you're going to love these!

Only a small quantity of these boxes have been created due to their nature (we can't give away our entire collection!) ;-) So, if you'd like to get one, act quickly and visit our product page for the Treasure Hunt Boxes here:

Oh, and we didn't even mention that one of the boxes will hold a very special gift! If you purchase a box, you may even get that inside! Get more details on that in the product listing, as well!

Thanks for taking a look, everyone! :-)

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