Meet Your Creative Community!

Meet Your Creative Community!

Hello Everyone!

We are really fortunate and blessed to be surrounded by such a creative group of wonderful people! And, while we know that many of you post your creations in our Allegory Gallery Design Challenges Group on Facebook, we also know that sometimes it’s a little intimidating to post into a group—especially if you’re a beginner maker or new to the group. So, we’re creating “Meet Your Creative Community Day”!

The idea is that we want to see what you make with one of our jewelry-making kits. This could be one of the kits that we currently have available in our online store, or one that you purchased from us before we even had a store (pre-2011 for those who’ve been around since then!). And, we want everyone to show us what they make on March 22nd! We want to flood the Allegory Gallery Design Challenges Group timeline with everyone posting all of their creations all at once.

We hope that this will give more people an opportunity to feel like they can post something, and it will give everyone in the group a chance to meet all the wonderful makers and artists who are in our group and really rally the community there to come together and rejoice in the spirit of making and creating! And, what you make doesn’t even have to be jewelry! So, for those of you in our group (or soon to be in our group), who don’t really make much jewelry, you can always use our kits to make other types of art with the beads and items we supply! This is your chance to really show us what you can do, share your creativity, and unique vision!

There will be no limit to the number of items you can post. Maybe you’re a little timid to post, so just do one. Or, maybe you have a bunch of our kits that you’ve not used yet (or still want to grab in our online store) and have the time to go crazy making things. Maybe you’re getting ready for a show, and this will give you the perfect opportunity to make items and preview them in front of a large audience. No matter how many or what you post, we hope everyone will get to know each other better and make new creative friends in our group! Even if you don't make anything (though we hope you will), we hope you'll still cheer everyone who does on in the comments section and get to know one another better!

This is open to all levels, complete beginners through long-time makers. The only requirement to participate is a kit that you’ve purchased from us.

Get a kit from us in our online store here:
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