Flash Sale 25% OFF for 24 Hours! And!! Kit-a-Palooza—Fall 2023 Starts Today!

Flash Sale 25% OFF for 24 Hours! And!! Kit-a-Palooza—Fall 2023 Starts Today!

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to thank each and every one of you who have sent heartfelt prayers and good energy to our family over the past few days. If you don't know, Andrew's dad is in the hospital, and it appears that tumors have been found. We don't know the extent or if they are cancerous at this moment, but we are planning to get Andrew and his sister, Sheila (who will be driving over to fly out with him), to Florida as quickly as we can. 

So, we are launching a lot of new things coming up. First off is our Flash Sale! This sale starts immediately and runs till 4pm (ET) tomorrow (Friday). Just use discount code FLASH25 or click the link here: https://www.allegorygallery.com/discount/FLASH25

This should help us get our flights together and also, hopefully, help with their extended stay so Andrew can be away with less worry about having to work and about what's happening here at home. As many of you know, we reinvest all our excess funds back into our business, so instead of a cash reserve in our bank, we have an "inventory reserve". But, that means we have to sell it to create cash flow. It's not always ideal, especially during times like these, but it's gotten us this far and we're able to offer you all great savings from time to time. We thank you for any help sharing this news and any support you can offer. 

The other event we're starting is going to be Kit-a-Palooza—Fall 2023 launching today! We know that many of you love our kits, and there's no better time to see more kits than during our Kit-a-Palooza seasons! 

If you're looking for awesome jewelry Inspiration Kits that contain vintage, antique, and personal stash items from Andrew, look no further! We'll see you on our live around 6:35pm (ET) today to get it started, and we'll be going for the next few days!

Click this link to see our live broadcast on YouTube: https://youtube.com/live/_kdZ7m9wK9k?feature=share

Thank you so much for all of your support, whether that be shares, comments, or orders; we really appreciate all of you so much!

Your friends,

William & Andrew
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