Bead in the New Year 2024!

Bead in the New Year 2024!

Hello Everyone!

It's that wonderful time of the year again! Bead in the New Year is our annual calendar that we put out each January to help get your creativity flowing for the New Year! We know that the holidays, as wonderful as they can be, often take a lot out of everyone and it's sometimes difficult to get back into creating. So, we hope that our calendar of prompts will help you get back to it! 

This year, we've created a downloadable PDF file that you can save to your computer or device. Click here to download it. 

Creations are shared in an album in the Allegory Gallery Design Challenges group on Facebook. Just visit the group (don't forget to join if you haven't already), find the album, and add your creations each day! You can challenge yourself day by day or you can pick and choose which ones pique your curiosity. Missed a day? No worries, add them at your convenience. We can't wait to see what everyone makes, and we really hope that this helps to get the creativity flowing for you!

Also, while our official album is on Facebook, we also encourage everyone to share on their other social media networks. You can find us on most at @allegorygallery. Please feel free to tag or hashtag us (#allegorygallery) and use the hashtag #BeadInTheNewYear to share your creations. We'll be sharing random projects from time to time on our networks, too, if we see your tags! 

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I can’t even bead of make jewelry but I am inspired by this calendar’s ideas TODOSOMETHING creative. Amazing ideas.

Judy P

Was hoping to see this again. Did it last year, almost everyday. Will be doing a pollinator theme again. Hope to see some familiar faces again! Happy happy new year!

Wendy W Malinow

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